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what i have done this term

  • This week i got # CHILD OF THE WEEK.
  • I wrote a brilliant BIG WRITE.
  • I IMPROVED my handwriting.
  • i have 4 DOJO POINTS.
  • I got 3 GREEN STICKERS in one piece of WORK.
  • There is lots of things ive DONE, keep checking my vlogs...

the black death

throughout the intire few weeks that i have been hear we have been learning about the black death a trechorouse desease we have been learning about this for a long time we learned the person that was in the blame of the black death is pestilence but now we are learning about pandora but i am not going to tell you about that that is the end of my blog post bye bye 

half tearm

My  favourite lesson is P.E,maths, since and  project

because maths it trains your brain its always fun .

P.E is sporty and has game .  Project is like history and i heart history.


my least favourite lesson is litracy and gided reading no

because  litracy has to menyn things like pronouns g reading is very boring because its way to long .


about this term

My favourite lesson is numeracy because you get a lot of hard questions,but i do not like easy questions because i am on clic 16 and i have hard questions on clic 16.My least favourite lesson is nothing because i love all of lessons.I have enjoyed is everything because everything is the best.

the gods monster

It has 10 rows of teeth that are plantaneiem each row has 50000 and has lighitning fire wingscheeky

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