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For the past couple of weeks we have been learning about pandora it is filled with wonderfull creatures that stand on the base of the pandora this place is a lot differant to are normal earth.The place is like a jungle were only creatures lurk  around because it is unhabitable for humans becuase of the toxic air the only way to be able to be there is with special armor.smiley

my story by roxanne

since Y5 i have been on clic 17. in topic i have been learning about the Black Death a dangourus plauge that destroyed loads of pepol and population.In numrecy i have been learning about probloms and rounding. in litrecy i have been learning about the planet pandora and i created my own creature named the sky eater.


We have been doing the Black Death what happen in 16th century people died because of the plague  and it happened for 2 years in London.

5M This Term

P.E IS MY favourite lesson because I Love Sports but i **** dance i only like gymnastics and outdoor dance isno


R.E And Literacy are my least favourite lessons because re is boring and i dont need to learn about religious things and literacy because its  boring and i **** writingangry and we do too much writing in our work and i **** using the new handwriting!!!


I Have Enjoyed Project the most because the black death was a very cool thing to learn about and we have a lot of knowledge in 16th century nowyes


I have enjoyed R.E The least because i feel like im falling asleep during re its sooooooooooooo boring.ZzZzZzZzZzZ


Next Term I am Looking Forward To Be Doing Numeracy Again  Because I am 2nd Smartest in class and i love hard challenges to work on for a few days and constantly get a wrong answer one after another 

5M Now!

Hello,My Name Is Kade And I Am in  5M the greatest class ever I was on clic 17 at the start of the year now I could be on clic 19! Its really suprising to think a person like me is so smart I  don't know how this happened. In Our new Project/Topic work we have been learing about 16th century Britain and "The Black Death"  in our topic we have learnt a lot of new cool things in our work and we have learnt what the black death can do to humans and how it was a big disease and wiped out 50% of Europe and we learnt almost 50M people died by the end of the plague and it was rumoured doctors had a role to play in the black death outbreak but in terms it was "pestilence" who started this  plague and rats and gerbils managed to make this plague a possible thing to spread the black plague it was one of the worst outbreaks in the world.

In literacy we have to do a new handwriting font and the writing is HUGE and the lines are so small for us to write on and it takes up a lot of space but it  a very fun font to write with mr mason has always got to remind me to use it.

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