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My School Council Journey

So as you all know recently i was chosen to be a school councilor and i am very proud of my self you may all want to know my school council journey? Right ? Ok so it all started a couple of months ago when at dinner i went in the hall to get info on how its like to be a councilor and then when we was going out of the hall everyone  took a application to take home you had to fill it in to get interviewed if they thought you was good enough you would get dragged out of class and into the ta room where you would be with Mrs Murray,The school councilors known as,Isabella,Sally and a few others and you would basically get interviewed to ask what changes would you make in school and obviously they thought i was  the person who they thought would be good for school council and i want to say thanks to all of you for making my dream come true and when they said i was chosen i nearly broke down into tears but i hid it,Thank you all

REECE MCLAUGHLIN 55555555555555555555M

Hello, my name is Reece Mclaughlin and Im am in 5m it is the best class ever mr mason , is soooooooooooo funny he makes every body laugh when you are sad he will sort it out my friends might be in a diffrent class but i got new ones but my old friend are still amazing.

What we did in 5M!

Throughout the term in 5M. We've learnt about the Black Death a treacherous that spread across Europe and Britain. We have done warning posters, medicine's for what we thought that could heal you and some silent movies to. Also it was very fun learning about it! We actually have a new visitor called Joe who takes groups from different classes. But we did some letters which we are going to tea stain if we were Pestilence send letters and gifts to rats or fleas and many more. In Literacy we are learning about Pandora (From the film Avatar) and making creatures that are Hexapods. (Creatures that are 6 limbed) In outdoor P.E we are doing Athletics and we're concentrating on Netball at the moment. In Numeracy we are focusing on Column addition and subtraction 

The Black Plague

This term 5 m has been learning about the black death\\black plague the black death is a disease that was coused by infected rats .The rat have flees and all kind of stuff. It started by rats biteing humans to  infecte them.angel

Black Death!

In 5M we learnt about the black death. We did silent movies about, also we drawed how we thought Pestillence looked like. It had killed soo many people. It was one of the worst disease.We got some homework about it too. We also did posters.

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