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In project  we are learning about the black death. we have don silent movies  in groups my group is  amazing  and we did  posters about them  it was cool . we planed it  for 2 days  and we practised  a  lot of times. 

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when I am at school i play with  my  friend  and do my work  with my teacher Mr Mason And i haft to listen to the teacher  Mrs monsoor and she always works with  us. cool

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moston fields school days

moston fields

my first day in 5m was a exiting day for me because it was my first day of year 5 and my teachers are called mr mason and mrs salloway  we have learnt lots of things now i am on clic 15   smiley


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in litrees we are lurning about pandora hexpods they are 6 limd creachurs and we made are one and I calld it acys it has a stinger on his back and frunt it has antens that can dectstuitr from 100kl it has a gold ring that can tranfom.


In this term my favourite lesson is project because we were leaning about something called the black plague and if you dont know what what that is it is a disese that was spread all over england in london. we also got to write letter to pestilence which is the person that spread the disese then we got to tea stain them and it was super least favourite lesson was RE because it was so hard I could not believe term I am looking forwad to doing religious stuff because it is really interesting.

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