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forest school

a few weeks a I we went to forest school and it was super fun we looked at different types of leaves and one of them really smelled strong and they also smelled like mint.another one smelled like melon.the funnest part was when we got to water the plant after we planted them all of us got wet and our hands got soil all over our hands.


Our amazing BLACK DEATH

BLACK DEATH ISTHE BEST TOPIC. It is not my favourite but I like it all about disease  black death is not something to mess about it is not a nice place to be 

Safer Internet Day


Wow !

Looks like we learnt a lot from Safer Internet Day! I am so impressed by the work you have done and the blog posts I have read so far.


I would love to here more about how we can stay safe online! Comment or blog about it to let me know and inform others! laugh


Great work guys yes

Back to blogging

What a fantastic week we've had in 3/4 B so far! Very impressed with the ICT skills this year and love the WeeMees that have been created! 


Tomorrow is our ICT lesson and your task is to blog about something you have done in school this week that you are proud of.


Don't forget to comment on each others! 


Miss Bridge cool


enlightenedYear 3 science!enlightened

You have been set a task! laugh


Here are the key words for next half terms topic:






Contract   Relax






Can you tell me anything about them?


Comment with your information! yeslaugh


Miss Bridge cheeky

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