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Hope everyone has a great half-term holiday and enjoys the week off.


All of the year 5's and 6's have a homework sheet with a range of different WW2 project ideas to choose from (including creating one of your own).


We are looking forward to seeing what you are going to come up with - with the best pieces going on display!

Sergio's Story

The story we are writing in class is really coming along.  My homework challenge is for you to write the scene where Sergio has the blazing row with his dad about the job that Sergio's dad is doing.  Can you develop narrative and speech?  Can you use really emotive language?  Can you develop character's actions/feelings with show not tell?


Add your work by commenting on this blog.  I look forward to reading your work.


We did some great work yesterday on parts of the eye and how we see.


One question that came up though was - how do we see colour?


CHALLENGE - can you answer that question?


Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

What's everyone having for tea tonight

Yay!  It's Friday!! That means chips for tea!


What's everyone else having?

Frog Play Homework

Big well done to Alessia, Lois and Billy for attempting the homework that I have set on Frog play.


There is homework set for literacy, numeracy and science so look out for it in the calendar on your homepage wall and make sure you give it a go!

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